Signs of Dental Diseases in Dogs

Pets depend on their human owners to ensure that they are healthy since the animal will not tell you that it has a problem. It is, therefore, your duty to ensure that the health of your dog is preserved. This article discusses some of the issues you should focus upon to detect the onset of dental diseases in your dog. The Dog's Appetite The eating habits of your dog can alert you to any dental diseases that may be developing. [Read More]

Getting Your Home Ready for Your Cat's Return From Hospital

Most veterinary treatments can be performed during a single visit, perhaps with a couple of follow-up appointments to make sure everything is fine. Sometimes, however – especially when surgery is needed – your cat might need to stay in an animal hospital for a little while. A veterinary hospital is the best way to let your cat recover well from their procedure, and if any unexpected conditions arise, a vet can deal with them right away. [Read More]

Pet Anti-Vaxers vs Vaccinations: What Are The Risks Of Not Vaccinating Your Dog?

Vaccinations for humans is an emotive subject, with people on both sides of the vaccination debate ready to share their reasons why they do or don't vaccinate. The anti-vaccination discussion has now spread a little further down the family chain with debate regarding the vaccination of pets. Your dog is due for their annual booster, and based on the new debate you are wondering whether to go ahead with the time and expense needed to take your canine mate to the vet. [Read More]

So Your Dog Ate A Kebab Stick: Is An Emergency Vet Visit Required?

Dogs are curious little souls, but that curiosity can often get them into trouble! If you have ever heard your dog rifling through the rubbish and not given it a second thought, there are times when chewing on the garbage is a much bigger deal than just giving your pup a telling off! Since your dog is well known for getting into your rubbish bin, it is essential you know what to do if your canine buddy finds kebab sticks to chew. [Read More]