Getting Your Home Ready for Your Cat's Return From Hospital

Most veterinary treatments can be performed during a single visit, perhaps with a couple of follow-up appointments to make sure everything is fine. Sometimes, however – especially when surgery is needed – your cat might need to stay in an animal hospital for a little while.

A veterinary hospital is the best way to let your cat recover well from their procedure, and if any unexpected conditions arise, a vet can deal with them right away. When your pet is given the all-clear to be taken home, they still need a bit of time to finish recovering. While they're still in the hospital, get your home ready for your cat's return by following these tips.

Close off the outside

If your cat goes outdoors, it's normally important to make sure they stay inside until the vet has told you otherwise. If they go out as usual, it can cause a whole range of problems, including burst stitches and infections. Sometimes, stressed cats are more likely to wander off and disappear for days on end.

Close and lock the cat flap and make sure there are no other ways your kitty could escape.

Find a quiet spot

It's important for your cat to have a bit of peace to rest up. In some households, it doesn't matter where this is, but if you have other pets or young children running around, your cat might appreciate a quiet place to sleep in a spare room.

Get everything your cat needs in one place, like a bed, food bowl, and water. It's best if they don't have to walk too far.

Prepare a clean bed

Clean bedding is essential for your cat's health, especially if they've had surgery and have healing stitches. Wash all their usual bedding or buy a new bed, and put it with the other things in their quiet recovery place. Make sure it's soft, warm, and comfortable.

Take away any active toys

Often, cats can't help but play with a favourite toy, even if they're tired and sore after an operation. It's a good idea to take away toys until the cat has recovered, especially if they're ones that encourage particularly active play.

Get your shopping done

Make sure you're fully stocked up with food so you'll have enough to feed your cat for the whole of their recovery. If the vet has advised you to get a specific type, buy it early on so you don't risk having difficulty finding it.

You should also buy any other treatments your vet has recommended, and make sure you collect prescription medicines.